Argos is the largest retailer of general goods in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Argos still maintains a reputation as a catalogue shop. Since the 70′s, catalogue shopping has always been a staple of retailers in the UK and remains as the system of choice in many other shopping outlets across the country.

Argos was founded by a man named Richard Tompkins, who got the idea for a catalogue shopping system while on vacation in Argos, Greece. With this new and innovative idea, he established the first branch in 1973 and accepted cash instead of savings stamps which were common currency at the time.

Today, Argos maintains over 800 outlets, with over 50,000 employees. It is a subsidiary of the Home Retail Group. The Home Retail Group also operates many subsidiaries on it’s own, such as the HomeStore&More brand as well as Argos TV which offers catalogue shopping to customers over the television.

Delivery also happens to be something the company has always specialised in, despite their hundreds of outlets across the UK. Shoppers who have not caught on with the recent trend of online shopping can also use Argos’ very own home shopping channel and order goods by phone. It won’t matter which of the two you choose as the company’s reputation has been cemented in the hearts and minds of nearly every family of Great Britain.

Due to the sheer number of shops across the UK and Ireland, each and every bi-annual catalogue is well over a thousand pages large, complete with photographs and descriptions for every item.

The website  and print catalogues also include a list of recent price cuts. This can be good for more bargain savvy shoppers on the hunt for particular items, as each product under the price cut list is categorised by type.

Some notable products in the Argos catalogue includes:

Home & Furniture – Argos branches are easily big enough to fit large pieces of furniture and home products. If you are searching for a specific kind of furniture to decorate a room with, then look no further.

Kitchen & Laundry Appliances – Large catalogue stores also happen to be great places to find appliances. Whether you need a new blender or stove to complete a kitchen with, or a new washing machine or dryer to make your laundry work easier, Argos will certainly deliver.

Home Entertainment Devices – As technology gets more advanced every day, you can stock the latest gadgets as they pop up. High-definition TV’s, Blu-Ray players and the latest HD gaming devices are only a few product offerings that this company provides.

Office Supplies and Equipment – Whether you work at home or in an office, you’ll need the right tools for the job. This company stocks a complete range of office supplies, gadgets and furniture to increase your productivity and work flow.