People can find themselves with bad credit for any number of reasons, from not paying their bills on time to bankruptcy or maxing out their credit cards to applying for lots of cards at once. No matter what factors are causing you to have bad credit there are plenty of things you can do to reverse your bad credit score.

Improving your credit score simply requires that you have a plan and work the plan accordingly without fail. Then, slowly but surely, you will see your credit score improve and before you know it you will have left the slums of bad credit behind and be enjoying the many benefits good credit scores bestow the individual.

Improving Your Credit Is Easier Than You Think

You are probably thinking that if there is any plan to improve your credit score you will follow it because you are tired of feeling like a second class citizen simply because you made a few mistakes and wound up with bad credit. Well, there certainly is a plan and several tips you can follow to improve your credit. There are some actions that will give you a quick credit boost, but others take a long time so you must be patient. Consider the following plan to help you improve your credit score.

Make Regular Payments

While it seems easy to forego that monthly payment when you really need the cash, you should consider what each late payment does to your credit report. It brings down your score and your report reflects how many days late you were. However, if you make your payment on time, or even a portion of it, then you will not experience the late payment fee or the reduction in credit score. So, making monthly payments can immediately increase your credit score and the more payments you make on time the higher your score rises.

Catalogues For Bad Credit History

An easy way to make repayments is through using a home shopping catalogue. These catalogues for bad credit are suitable for those unable to get accepted with the popular home shopping catalogues such as Littlewoods, Very and Freemans. Since virtually everyone uses a mobile phone these days to keep in touch, making regular monthly payments using bad credit mobile phones will help increase your credit rating.

Because of this, it is important to make on time payments every time and get into the habit of doing so. If you simply can’t remember when your payments are due, set up an electronic payment plan and the monthly payments will be drafted making it easier for you.

The following is a list of home shopping catalogues. Acceptance will vary depending on your credit history and the company’s individual credit scoring criteria:


Simply Yours

Viva La Diva

La Redoute

Premier Man

Fashion World

Simply Be


Ambrose Wilson


K And Co

JD Williams





Reducing Your Debt

You have credit cards for every favorite store, as well as MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express and whenever there is something you like you simply buy it with no regard to how you will pay for it other than you have enough credit left to buy it. This is not the way increase your credit score but rather will result with you having worse credit and higher debt.

To increase your credit score you need to reduce your debt. This means making higher monthly payments and not using your credit cards unless there is a true emergency. You should cut up all of your credit cards except the one with the best interest rate and limit, so you will not be tempted. However, don’t close your accounts because open accounts with balances of zero will help improve your credit score. Each month as you reduce your debt your credit score will start inching upwards.

Avoid Bankruptcy

If you have bad credit you may feel overwhelmed and think there is no other way out other than bankruptcy. However, if you file bankruptcy you may feel some relief regarding your debts, but you will be putting the final nail in your credit coffin by doing so. Bankruptcy will stay on your credit report at least 10 years and keep your credit score low the entire time and the only option for credit you will have is super high interest if you are even given that. So, if you have credit problems talk with a credit counselor as well as your credit card companies about getting on a payment plan to pay off your debt and stay away from bankruptcy to keep your score from falling into the credit dungeon.