Why Credit Catalogues Are The Single Best Way To Shop For Christmas Presents


As a kid we all look forward to Christmas. That’s perhaps the one day of the year where kids do not complain about having to wake up early in the morning, as ahead of them lies the tempting aspect of opening up presents. As we grow up however, the only aspect of Christmas that most of enjoy as adults is the knowledge that all the shopping is done with. It’s not just restricted to the UK- no matter where you are in the world; Christmas shopping is often a huge burden.

Every year we tell ourselves that next year we will get it done in proper times and avoid the maddening rush of people in the last few days before Christmas but our busy lives rarely allow us to plan so efficiently. In the end not only is it highly stressful, we also end up paying premium prices and spending a fortune on Christmas gifts that we would’ve spent a lot less for had they been bought before the Christmas shopping time started. Makes you wonder- is there no other way to ease make this easy and not end up spending a fortune on Christmas shopping? Thankfully there is are Credit Catalogues.

Say what?

As the name suggests, the system of credit catalogues is a novel way of buying things on credit while paying for them later. Needless to say, the main benefit of this is in not having to pay a lump sum for an item that you want to buy. This can often be a priority during a time like Christmas where you want to have money in reserve, say for going on a mini vacation or to spend on a fancy dine out. Having that extra bit of money to spend in your bank account can make the difference between a great Christmas time and yet another drab Christmas. This is the reason a lot of people prefer shopping through credit catalogues.

These credit catalogues contain all sorts of items, from clothing to electronic goods and even toys for children, making them the ideal option when it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts for the family. The best part is that you won’t have to go to any crowded stores or stand in long checkout lines to finish the shopping. You can order whatever you want, directly off a catalogue.

Advantage VS a credit card

The credit catalogue system has a few advantages over the traditional credit card system. Firstly, very often, there are special offers where you can buy items at 0% interest, something that will never happen in the case of a credit card. Even when certain companies charge you an interest, it’s always calculated on the base of the total amount of the value of shopping that you have done. In the case of a credit card on the other hand, it is compounded at a variable interest rate and the eventual cost to you is much more.

Another advantage of credit catalogue is that even people who have bad credit can take advantage of such schemes. For such a person, applying and owning a credit card can often be a very difficult task. Even if they were to get approved for one, it would very likely have a high rate of interest as a result of their bad credit rating. Credit catalogues are also ideal for young people who have just joined the workforce and do not want to risk their credit by applying for a credit card right away.

How do I pay?

A good credit catalogue program allows you sufficient time to pay back the amount you have shopped for. Such methods are often devised in a monthly/weekly instalment system or a buy now pay later system.

Both are one and the same thing and are pretty much like any other loan that one can take from a financial institution. For example under many instalment schemes a vendor provides you with X amount of credit with which you are free to shop around their catalogue. The interest that you will be charged is added to the final amount that you have shopped for and the resulting sum is divided into fixed monthly payments for the duration that you have chosen. It’s a huge benefit to be able to pay everything in a fixed instalment manner rather than forking out a large sum up front or suffering thorough a variable apr on a credit card.

While you wouldn’t want to adopt this option for a £30 clothes shopping spree, it’s ideal if you want to buy high priced items like home appliances or gadgets. Most catalogues will not charge you until the item has been shipped to you and you will get a monthly bill that will depict the owed amount left over. Remember that the longer the total period of repayment, the higher your interest is going to be. If you time it right, you can play around the system and be at an advantage.

Under many buy now pay later systems on the other hand, you can place the order and then have such an option activated on your purchase. Such programs very often have the option of avoiding the interest rate by paying of the full amount in a set period of time.

What are some of the good programs?

There are a bunch of vendors where you can use such schemes in the UK. One of the most prominent ones is Littlewoods, who even let you defer your payments interest free up to 12 months. A well planned person could take advantage of this payment free period by paying the price in full and end up owning an item without having to incur any interest on it. If you are not ready to pay in full however, you can always choose to extend it further.

Thebrilliantgiftshop.uk is another vendor that allows you to pay a small instalment every month in return for buying the gifts that you need for Christmas. For instance, you could buy the latest Samsung Galaxy phone by paying just 20 quid a month; so tempting are their offers. You can manage your credit account on the website itself to keep a track of the amount that is owed.

The third store of note is Very.co.uk with whom choosing a pay later option is as easy as checking a BNPL box when you are checking out. For orders worth £100 and more you will get a 9 month interest free period while for order valued more than £200 this increases to 12 months.

To summarise, come next Christmas, there is no need to stand in lines, get pushed around by mad last minute shoppers or worry about the lack of funds in your wallet. Choosing credit catalogues allow you to get gifts for your loved ones that will put a huge smile on their face and what’s even better is the fact that you can do so without putting a huge dent in your financial state.