It seems that people with bad credit are destined to have a difficult time buying items like HD TVs, laptop computers or videogame systems. Fortunately, there are online catalogue websites that offer payment plans accessible to people with bad credit. These catalogues offer the latest state-of-the-art models as well as other electrical items and all of them at competitive prices.

There are several bad credit catalogues to try. Take a look at what Littlewoods, Jacamo and The Brilliant Gift Shop offer. Websites like PC World, Very, K & Co and even Ambrose Wilson offer electrical items for people with bad credit. Their products include brand name televisions from LG, JMB and Samsung.

Also available are iPods, mobile phones, satellite navigation systems, Android tablet computers, laptops and more by top makers like Toshiba. The newest technology, such as 3D television, can also be found in these catalogues. You are sure to find the latest electronic devices at rates competitive with what you will find on the internet available to customers with bad credit.

Expect to pay higher interest rates when making purchases with a bad credit rating. An average variable rate on your credit account might be around 39.7%, although some catalogues offer APRs in the 29% to 33% range. Applying for a personal account at any of these catalogue sites is easy. You do not need to supply any credit card information and some merchants do not check your credit score.

Once your account is set up, you have the option to pay no interest within a certain number of months. Or, you can spread the cost of payments over a longer period. Simply make sure to meet your minimum payment as specified on your monthly billing statement. With a wide selection of top electrical,  competitive prices, and affordable payments, catalogue shopping has never been easier for people with bad credit.