Samsung Galaxy S5 On Finance

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samsung-galaxy-s5-brilliantThe flagship phone launched by the South Korean electronic giants Samsung for the year 2014, the Galaxy S5 recorded a massive sale of over ten million units over the first month of its launch. While undoubtedly a success in terms of sales statistics, is it justifiable to suggest that these numbers are enough as a measure of the overall performance of the product? In this review, we try to provide an answer to this question, so if you are interested in getting this mobile phone on finance, read on.

Features and specifications: The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has a lot of things about it that users are definitely going to like, one of them being the device’s apparent lack of features.

Don’t be mistaken, this new flagship product from Samsung is replete with innovations such as fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor, and water resistance technology. The screen measures up diagonally to 5.1 inches which fares slightly better than the 5 inches seen on its predecessor Galaxy S4. The camera has the capability of capturing images at a resolution of 16MP, a significant improvement on the 13MP of the S4.

One of the most notable aspects of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the willingness of the manufacturers to focus on and develop the features that consumers would actually love to use rather than cluttering the phone with meaningless additions. This was one big issue with the Galaxy S4 where some of the features such as automatic scroll control on tilting the phone simply did not work the way they were advertised and were more or less considered to be gimmicks or clutters. There has also been a relative simplification of the interface although the Android phones continue to be relatively difficult compared to the iPhones. The flip side is that it offers a number of means for customizing the interface including such features as pattern locks. Samsung has also either played down or completely done away with some of the features in the S4 that were largely useless, with a view of rearranging the layouts and settings so that things are easier to find.


– The Samsung Galaxy S5 features a fantastic screen
– The camera is highly versatile and of a great quality
– The phone comes laden with unique features
– It has a battery life that is simply astonishing


– It is not one of the prettiest phones that you will come across in the 2014 smartphones market
– The fingerprint sensor proves to be quite finicky

Conclusion: The Samsung Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones to grace the shelves for the year 2014. However, with competition among the manufacturers and flagship products being a stiff race nowadays, it remains to be seen how this one squares up against the others in the global consumer market for electronic products.