Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 On Finance

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It was the month of July in the year 2013 when the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 was first launched and a good fourteen months or so have passed since then. Available at a cost of $399, the product is considerably cheaper than the average $499 usually charged for a tablet measuring 10″ or more in size. It is powered by the Android OS, the most widely used operating system for all mobile platforms around the world. Designed as a slate tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 is basically a handheld tablet and not meant to be a replacement for a traditional laptop.

The tablet bears a 10.1″ LCD screen featuring PLS TFT display. With a screen resolution measuring 1280 by 800, the tablet has a pixel density measuring 149 pixels-per-inch (PPI). As per recent standards in technology, this is a considerably dull display for a tablet device. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 also features multimedia functionalities such as video recording, microphone, HD playback, and graphics accelerator.

The Galaxy Tab 3 features a chip-based Atom Z2560 Intel dual core processor. It clocks in at a commendable 1.6GHz which is faster than what is commonly observed for a typical tablet processor. The dual core processor gives it better adaptability at multi-tasking functions as compared to those tablet devices that feature single core CPUs. The 1GB RAM, though, is not sufficient in terms of fulfilling its memory requirements. This will cause it to perform a little poorly as opposed to a tablet that features more amount of processor memory.

16GB of internal storage is what the base version of the Galaxy Tab 3 provides and that is sufficient for storing pictures, music and video files. However, if you feel that the available 16GB is not sufficient, there is provision for expanding the storage up to a maximum 64GB with the use of microUSB card.


– The tablet has features that allow it to function as a universal remote control
– It runs on Android 4.2.2, the most popular platform for tablet OS
– Good viewing angle and a bright display makes working a comfortable experience with the tablet
– The device is relatively lightweight


– The performance issues are too many to ignore
– The compelling TouchWiz feature is a big missing aspect of the device
– The Galaxy Tab 3 is way too overpriced, considering the minimal number of features it offers
– Shorter battery life compared to the previous models

Final verdict: While Samsung have tried to present the Galaxy Tab 3 as a seemingly refreshed model, it features hardware and software specifications that are sorely outdated and stuck, in terms of the advances in technology, in the Medieval past. This is one aspect that makes the device seemingly one to forget very easily. Considering the immense price tag alongside, users will be better off looking elsewhere for cheaper but smarter alternatives.