I have great news for any person who is a fan of the Premier Man catalog and has less than stellar credit. It is likely that you will be able to take advantage of the amazing deals found in their catalogue because they are very lenient in their financing terms. If you are not aware of Premier Man they are one of the top men’s shopping catalogues in the country. They have a tremendous selection of fashion items from casual shirts, trousers, and shirts all the way to suits and swimwear. Pretty much every man can find something that they would like through the Premier Man catalogue. They even have non-fashion items like electronics. As I mentioned before they have a great credit policy that virtually anyone can take advantage of. Considering how rough the economy has been over the last several years this is something that is wonderful to know.

Shopping through this catalogue is made very easy and you do not even have to leave your home to get it done. Simply open it up, look through their goods, select what you want, and in short order the items will be delivered right to your door step. What could be easier than that? Now for people with bad credit you will find that they still offer very good payment options. What they do to avoid the necessity of traditional credit channels which would require a credit check, is to offer the use of the payees personal account. By doing this no credit check will be involved. What Premier Man does is extend payment terms for 28 days.

Now that does not mean that you necessarily have to pay off the balance in 28 days, but if you do you will be able to take advantage of their interest free program. If the amount cannot be paid off within that time frame then financing the remainder can be negotiated. This is a very good option for any person who receives a weekly paycheck! By taking advantage of the interest free offer you will be financing your purchase without putting anything out of pocket or paying any extra fees!

One thing to keep in mind about this catalogue is that if you do want to take out credit with them there is a 39.9% APR which may seem quite high, but keep in mind that the money that you paid off in the first 28 days is interest free so the finance amount is not the total bill, only the remainder. Another thing that should be pointed out her is that this catalog offers a 14 trial period on their products. You can try them out for 14 days and if you do not like the products that you have purchased you can return them.

Delivery of your items through Premier Man is very easy. They offer direct shipping to your door so you really do bot have to do a thing. Also this is next day delivery so you will get your items extremely fast. Returning items to them is as easy as getting the item to you. If you are ready to do some shopping check out Premier Man. You will be happy with what you find.