Sony Playstation 4 On Finance

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One minute and thirty-five seconds is all the time that it takes for the Sony Playstation 4 to boot up, get past the home screen and load a FIFA 14 career mode profile. Compare this to the PS3 and you will find it to be taking three minutes for the same process. The time frame mentioned for the PS4 may not sound like a grand prospect in the greater scheme of things but for individuals who wish to return home, throw down their belongings and indulge in some high-octane gaming, this is a stand-out feature that prompts them to make the switch over from a PS3 or Xbox to a PS4.

As has been noticed with all game consoles, a judgement of the PS4 can be formed based purely on its hardware and how good it looks on paper. Operating systems and architectures differ so much between the generations and consoles that they cannot be evaluated based simply on their benchmarking and specs, something we normally do when it comes to evaluating computers.

The Sony Playstation 4 gaming console makes use of an AMD “Jaguar” CPU (64-bits and 16-cores) with 8GB DDR5 RAM to go alongside. An AMD Radeon-based engine powers the GPU of the product. There is an internal hard-disk that is capable of storing 500GB worth of data while the Blu-ray disc is a feature also found in its predecessor, the PS3. One drawback is the limited storage space; you cannot extend it by any means whatsoever since the Playstation 4 does not support the use of external hard drives. This also prevents users from downloading music or movies to the device. All forms of media are available in the streaming-only format and the list includes the shows and movies that are purchased from Sony Video Unlimited catalogues.


– The PS4 offers exceedingly fast performance
– The DualShock4 Controller is a great inclusion to its already expansive array of features
– The user-interface has undergone massive improvements


– The Playstation 4 module is in need of better exclusives
– No media streaming support
– Game installs are mandatory if you wish to play the game

Final verdict: The first Playstation to be released by Sony in seven years that bears a complete redesign, the Playstation 4 does a decent job of living up to is expectations. A controller that is much more comfortable to handle and work with, a unique array of features, an all-new interface, and a fresh and sporty look are some of the standout aspects of this gaming console. As a dedicated system for gaming purposes, the Playstation 4 is a shining superstar and worthy of receiving high ratings from the critics.

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