Sony Vaio Laptops E1511F1E

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Sony Vaio E1511F1E Laptop

It’s not hard to see what makes this VAIO different. Its wrap-over design stands out immediately. Its sleek lines and rounded corners come in a variety of colours and sizes and can be personalized to taste using matching accessories (sold separately)
Daily computing becomes a breeze using the larger than ever touchpad for more control and the backlit keyboard for after dark sessions.
Thanks to “Rapid Wake + Eco”, your data stays safe, secure and instantly accessible in just a few seconds. Close your notebook to put it to sleep instantly and ‘wake’ it days later, to pick things up exactly where you left them.Processor

  • Intel Core i3-2370M Dual Core 2.4GHz,
  • Intel Sandy Bridge Architecture,
  • 3MB Cache


  • 4GB DDR3 RAM