Bad Credit BlackBerry 9720

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blackberry-9720-curveCan it really be true that a four-year-old phone have a sequel to its credit? Well, to say the truth, the BlackBerry 9720 is exactly that- a follow up on the 9700 emailer phone that was launched by the manufacturers back in 2009. The QWERTY keypad continues to be one of its most rocking features while, on a more worrying note, there has been little upgrade as far as the software of the phone is concerned. The phone makes a debut in the market at prices that are practically rock bottom. Will this semi-smartphone serve as a boost for BlackBerry’s failing business or be looked upon as a sign of the hard times that the company has fallen upon? We strive to find an answer.

Features and specifications: Normally, when you use the 9720 you will find that it has a very smooth operation. However, many may be of the opinion that a RAM of 512MB just does not cut it these days. Compared to what is the trend in all modern devices, it is far less but nevertheless capable of carrying the 9720 through the day. The touchscreen is a pretty small 2.8-inch and features a resolution of 480×360.

The BlackBerry 9720 runs on a Tavor MG1 processor clocking a maximum frequency of 806MHz which is not powerful enough especially when you have a number of apps running in the background. Among some of its other notable features are a built-in FM radio, GPS, Wi-fi connectivity and Bluetooth. A 1450mAh Lithium-ion battery provides decent power backup to the phone.

The 9720 falls extremely short of the lofty standards set by some of its competitors in the market, namely the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5. While a better amount of RAM and a powerful processor would have hugely benefited the product, given the target market for this phone decided upon by BlackBerry it is perhaps understandable to see the specifications that have been listed. However, there is a problem with this phone in that the apps tend to crash too often if users try to push them too hard with usage, something that is not likely to go down too well with many.


– For those looking for a good old QWERTY phone, this is an excellent option
– The phone has a touchscreen as well as a trackpad, allowing users the freedom of enjoying the best of both worlds
– While there is a lack of eye-candy, the non-nonsense performance of the phone ensures that the job is done
– A good battery life, lasting upto a couple of days even on stead usage


– The OS is outdated: a BB7.1 on a BB10 platform is hardly acceptable
– Poor quality of camera, not suited if you are looking for a product that will snap on the go
– A low internal memory of 512MB, though the price tag is quite hefty
– The back-panel features a material and texture that has a cheap feel about it

Conclusion: The 9720 from BlackBerry stands as an unfortunate reminder of the advances made in the technological world over the last few years. There is practically no reason why consumers would aspire to have a phone such as this one- the OS is something even the manufacturers have decided to move away from while at cheaper prices, you get Android phones that have more number of apps, a better screen-size and display quality. One good thing, though, is that the phone is quite cheap and such features as basic functions, a keyboard and long battery life are often just the things that many elderly users look for in a brand new phone. If you are in need of a phone to tide you over your present crisis situation- probably you have smashed your smartphone and do not have an insurance- then the 9720 will suit you just fine until you feel the time is ripe again for an upgrade.