HTC One M8 On Finance

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indexThe HTC One M8 ranks as the key product for the year launched by HTC. Tipped to be the phone that swings the fortunes of HTC and its flailing business, it seems as if the product is well on its way to achieving that glory. If recent reports are to be believed, the Taiwanese company has banked on the sales of this phone to register profits for the first time in many years.

Taking over from the HTC One, the M8 has become the flagship model of the manufacturers. Its successor was rated the best-selling phone ever from HTC and also received numerous plaudits from critics around the world. Thus, the HTC One M8 comes into the market with seemingly large boots to be filled.

Features and specifications: When you think of the M8, you are typically looking at a smartphone that is capable of doing a number of fantastic things. It seems as if HTC, for once, actually listened to customer feedbacks and sought to focus on those areas where improvement was required. Also a number of innovative and useful new features were added to the product along the way.

The new flagship phone bears an inviting and excitingly refreshing look. The Duo Camera offers features that are not only useful but also fun to use- a combination rarely seen in the new phones. The M8 offers a fantastic performance while there has been a significant improvement in the battery life of the phone. The HTC Sense feature, launched as a new version in the M8, works better than what was seen in the previous One although many people are of the opinion that HTC should refrain from making the Sixth Sense Technology a commonplace feature in all its phones. BlinkFeed and BoomSound continue to be the features where the manufacturers are persisting with improvements through regular research. Combined together, these factors are highly convincing for the consumers to give a very positive rating to the HTC One M8.

However, a big downside of this flagship phone is the fact that it has not done anything out-of-the-ordinary to set the bar higher than what its predecessor did, thus making it difficult for the M8 to stand out among its peer group that features such devices as the Samsung Galaxy S5. Agreed, Samsung has made only iterative changes to its flagship model but are still assured of selling anywhere around a million phones while such assured success does not come with the HTC One M8. Although the Duo Camera is a clever new addition, a lot is left to be desired of the UltraPixel technology. HTC has gone ahead with the addition of new features with an aim of changing the game in 2014 much the same way it did the previous year. While it is something of a challenge to sustain that level of momentum, one feels this is the only means by which the manufacturers will succeed in sticking their head out above others in the competition.


– A beautiful all-metal design coupled with the looks of a brushed-metal finish
– Great imagery delivered by the Duo Camera
– It delivers a top notch performance
– Substantially long battery life
– Motion Launch feature is a nice addition to the phone


– The slippery feel of the phone makes it difficult to hold in firm grip
– The UltraPixel technology or HTC Display have not undergone any improvements and minor glitches continue to exist

Conclusion: The HTC One M8 is undoubtedly a compelling smartphone that the Taiwanese manufacturers have launched in the market. Seen as an answer to the iPhone, it features a fluid performance, interface and a gorgeous design apart from a spec sheet that is more than capable of making consumers go “wow”! Undoubtedly an imprvoed version of its predecessor HTC One, some may feel that a failure to improve in certain aspects may altogether hamper its progress towards reaching the top-end of the ranking charts.

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