Mini Samsung Galaxy Fame On Finance

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Samsung-Galaxy-S3-Mini-vs-FameDo you know what happens upon shrinking a Samsung Galaxy S III? You will end up with a Mini Samsung Galaxy S III in hand! Now take that mini and shrink it down further. What happens? The Mini Samsung Galaxy Fame is the end result. Here is a low-end smartphone from one of the leading mobile brands offering all the facilities you would normally associate with a high-end product. While a 5MP camera, 4GB of storage space, 1GHz processor and 3.5-inch screen is nothing much to write home about, the main attraction of this phone is its low pricing rather than the lofty technical features. Let us now take a quick review of the phone to see if it is capable of giving customers a worthy bang for their buck. If you are thinking about getting this mobile phone on finance, then read on.

Features and specifications: While it is nothing more than an entry-level smartphone, the Mini Samsung Galaxy Fame operates on Android 4.1.2 JellyBean, a relatively modern version of the operating system. On top of it, the excellent custom interface of Samsung, complete with its array of functional and visual tweaks makes for a refreshing user experience. The on-screen keyboard feels pretty tiny and this is no surprise considering the phone itself does not have a large enough screen size.

Powered by 512MB of RAM and single-core processor clocking speeds of 1GHz, the phone does not score too high on the benchmark scoreboards. The real-life performance for this gadget too is not something outer-worldish with lags being present while switching or launching apps. Although they are not too annoying, the overall experience is invariably affected. Now looking at the brighter side, the phone is capable of handling a number of games such as Temple Run 2 and Angry Birs that would ideally run on high-end devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Fame offers only 4GB of internal storage out of which users can access only 1.95GB. There is every possibility that the space will run out within the blink of an eye so it is best to equip your device with a microSD card. Else, you can simply wave goodbye to storing a large number of media files on your device.


– A scaled down design of the conventional Galaxy S III
– Bright screen display
– The camera quality is really very good
– It supports 4G connectivity


– The display quality is not full HD
– It is powered by only a single-core processor
– An absence of notification light makes it difficult or users
– The microSD port is positioned rather awkwardly

Conclusion: The Mini Samsung Galaxy Fame is an excellent product to have as part of the entry-level market. It offers an array of excellent features that sit well with the Galaxy S III range of products. With a decent battery life and improved features it is capable of giving some of the high-end products a real run for their money; throw in the 4G connectivty and the picture just gets rosier. While there are flaws to the device, one must always remember that it was never intended to be a flagship phone and comes at a very low price. Highlighting the few negatives over its many positives would have been overly critical of this smartphone device.