Nokia Lumia 930 Windows Mobile Phone On Finance

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lumia_930_630Also referred to in the USA as the Lumia Icon, the Nokia Lumia 930 is a new smartphone from Nokia. It has a large 5-inch screen and is powered by the Windows 8.1 OS. The Lumia 930 earns the recognition of being the first handset to be launched by the manufacturers ever since they were acquired by the technology and software giants Microsoft. Labelled as the successor to the Nokia Lumia 925, this phone is a competitor for the iPhone 5s and a number of other top-level Android phones in the market such as XPeria Z2, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8.

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Features and specifications: The Nokia Lumia 930 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with a clock speed of 2.2GHz. This extremely spritely bit of kit allows extremely swift navigation across the phone interface. It does not take long for the apps to open while users can also stream high definition videos on Netflix which has an excellent playback capability. The gaming is also good enough with Asphalt 8 running at high frame-rates without showing any lag and allowing a good user experience.

It takes a couple of seconds for the camera to be ready for the shoot after the app button has been hit. However, the blame may be put entirely on the shoulders of the animations that load before the camera startup in all Windows phones; it is not a result of the processor lacking power. You can also edit images on Adobe Photoshop Express without much difficulty.

The phone has a 2420mAh battery for power backup support. If the manufacturers are to be believed, it is good enough to give you over fifteen hours of 3G talktime on this battery, although you may consider it to be a highly ambitious statement. The bright screen takes its toll on the battery as do the high performance activities such as gaming. Users need to be very careful with the usage else they won’t even make it through the day on the phone. Moreover, the battery tends to lose power on standby as- this was something noted even for the Lumia 925- many of the apps do not shut down effectively. A poor battery life on the phone is undoubtedly drawback as its large body was considered good enough to fit a capacious cell into it.

Keep the brightness down to minimum levels, turn off your Wi-fi usage and Bluetooth connectivity, avoid using your camera with flash, do not play high-streaming videos and chances are you will get the most out of your battery. However, it is pretty unlikely that you will get very far into the second day on it!


– The phone has a well-built design and features some really bright looks
– The camera works well even when used in low light
– The collection of Nokia apps you find on the phone is pretty good


– The battery life is extremely average
– A square design makes it uncomfortable to hold
– There are very few games and apps on offer on the phone
– The camera does not have an HD-recording mode

Conclusion: The Nokia Lumia 930 is without doubt a progress on its predecessor 925 in every department. Probably the biggest catch is the OS itself, being a Windows 8.1 phone, a considerable upgrade made by Microsoft on their products. The Lumia 930 is the closest a Windows phone has come to usurping the monopoly held by Android and iPhones in the international market. With considerable features and an impressive design (although the battery leaves a lot to be desired) the phone undoubtedly does a lot of things right. However, being fatter and heavier than some of its rivals along with the aforementioned battery life, the Lumia 930 will probably fall short of expectations in giving its competitors a real run for their money!